Anyone Can Do Average- Try Excellence by Joining Us 

FiveStar Martial Arts is the Gold standard in Martial Arts instruction and has been delivering world class programs in the Shellharbour area for over 28 years.

FiveStar Martial Arts has developed unique and effective programs which target personal safety and confidence. Our methods are designed to help YOU REACH YOUR GOALS & BE BETTER because we want you to succeed. 

At FiveStar we can and do create more successful students in our family environment. It is for everyone, Men, Women and Children are welcome. We also believe that there is something more powerful required in a person to fulfil the their dreams. The ability to listen and independently problem solve. There are a myriad of other excellent habits acquired at FiveStar will also help shape your future.

 My name is Robert Cooley DipAppSc 8th Degree Taekwondo GrandMaster, owner of Fivestar Martial Arts. I have used the Martial Arts  to balance my life. FiveStar Martial arts classes are the remedy for balancing life, help to grow, and have many interactions with other students making wonderful new friends while becoming a leader.

We welcome you to come and try our school and see for yourself.