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You see not all Martial Art Schools are the same. We all preach discipline, self confidence, listening, focus. Whether or not the said school actually does achieve this is another thingCan it be achieved in the short term, with a part time, untrained teacher without a wealth of experience? 

We believe and have proven over 30 years of teaching that we can and do create much more successful students. But we also believe that there is something more powerful required in a person to fulfil the their dreams.

 You may ask what more can you possibly want? It’s certainly not medals but our students have won tons of them and represented officially; Australian Taekwondo Teams many times. 


So what is it?

Independent thinking and problem solving.  

Normal 9-3pm schools teach children to follow the rules and to learn to recite, recall, and memorise stuff to pass exams. We call this ROTE learning, the better that you do this the better score, the better the grade, the better the job! 

Well what makes people standout and earn more, have a more fulfilled life with greater quality while  able to deal with pressures? 

We believe it is the ability to problem solve, to know how to listen and follow the rules and understand conformity. However the ability to read, interpret, to understand how to solve problems is a fundamental requirement to gaining a better lifestyle

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Steve jobs are extraordinary people because they were able to solve problems for lots of people. We are not talking about the morals of these people, we don’t know them well enough to judge them. But they have/had a fantastic ability to see and solve problems

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Hello There!

My name is Robert Cooley 8th Degree Blackbelt, owner of Fivestar Martial Arts School and I’m here to tell you, I know what it’s like to struggle sometimes with time

There aren’t many activities you can do in Shellarbour that provide the benefits that our Martial Arts program give your child

 As a parent the safer your child feels, the better their behaviour and this stem from invaluable confidence. Our goal at Fivestar Martial Arts School is to create an environment for 6- 12 year olds to nurture and strengthen them to believe in their full potential in our positive environment.

Shellaharbour FiveStar Martial Arts  develop traits such as Listening, Team work, Determination, Patience,integrity and PROBLEM SOLVING.  

What Shellharbour kids are quickly learning is that Shellharbour Kids Martial Arts Classes are specifically designed for busy schedules just like yours. 

When kids experience the Kids Martial Arts classes at FiveStar Martial Artsthey just want more! That’s because our Leadership Team and Master keep each class filled with functional fitness and real self defence that will save you. And it isn’t any of this "One Punch” thug advice. We learn to kick and punch in a variety of ways that are fun and exciting however we de-escalate in a way the makes it safer for all even without punching and kicking! 

Our kids programmed is designed and over seen by not only a 8th Degree Blackbelt GrandMaster but one with DipAppSc and International coaching success; did someone Olympic Selector?      You can’t go wrong! 

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We can prevent this from happening. Bullying changes lives forever!

"I watched a class the other night Master Rob, and they had a bluebelt teaching and it was so terrible, I have 15 yrs experience before coming to you and I felt so embarassed because the students didnt know any better it was horrible. I knew from the outset as soon as a walked in and had done my research that you are the real thing….."

Ian, Student

                                                    Taekwondo & BullyStop

If you would like to give it a go take our Great Trial Offer $49 for 4 weeks and a FREE Uniform for Taekwondo

 I KNOW it’s right for you, because I designed it for all of you in mind. Martial Arts either Taekwondo or Gracie Jiu Jitsu is for everyone.

Robert Cooley DipAppSc

GrandMaster Instructor 8th Degree

Olympic Selector



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